Monday, June 2, 2008

SAHW: Rewind

Please spare me any pyscho-babble you have to try to diagnose why I do not want children. I already know why. Its really quite simple. I am a selfish bitch. And its not the motherly dog persuasion either. I am talking B-I-T-C-H. Bitch.

I fully admit that I am selfish with my time, my husband and my money. All of which gets sucked up by children *IF* you are a good parent. Please do not be disillusioned that nothing changes after you have children. Everything changes. As it should. If you don't accept that your ability to stay out all night or being able to continue indulging your Manolo shoe addiction won't change, you are delusional unless you are Angelina Jolie and have the benjamins to do all of the above.

I know my anti-children decision makes my mother sad but if we're gonna be honest, my worst fear is actually becoming my mother. Think about it? Where do you learn your parenting skills? You learn by mimicking your own parents and how they raised you. You think I am wrong? Stop reading and pick a situation with your kid(s) from memory. Did your mother do the same thing with you? BINGO.

Even though we have a steady relationship now we are far from close. When I was younger we butted heads all the time and to this day I do not agree with her parental decisions on more than one occasion. I know I wasn't the easiest child either so I willingly take 1/2 the blame but sometimes I wonder if she resented having me and that shaped her parenting skills. If we do the math my parents got married in July and I was born in February... July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February. I know I was a preemie but I am not stupid.

Maybe deep down it is more complicated than just being selfish but I can tell you this much... I know I do not want children and at the very least, you should want them. Enough said.

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