Friday, June 13, 2008

SMILF: I Have Addictions Too You Know

I get it. Smoking is an addiction. Being addicted to cigarettes is like having an illness. Very hard habit to break. That is why you should never start to begin with. What I need to know, is how is it acceptable for smokers to take several breaks throughout the work day to go stand around together in a group and gossip for 15-20 minutes at a time about who is screwing who in what department while puffing away on a Cancer stick? I see people take seven or eight of these breaks a day. I have addictions too you know. Celebrity gossip rags, trashy TV, online shopping – what if I went outside in the fresh air 7 times a day for 20 minutes apiece and read People magazine? I somehow think that would be frowned upon.

(And you know as I’m typing this someone has just gotten up, grabbed a crossword puzzle book and his pack of cigarettes and is heading outside.)

I’m just cranky today. PMS has gotten the best of me. But really? I feel a twitch coming on. Can I go read People now please? I promise I’ll be back in 15 minutes.


The Fritz Facts said...

I agree with you! I am a smoker (go ahead and smack the hand if you want), but I refuse to take those breaks during the day. I can wait until my lunch time like all the non-smokers. I have friends at work that go outside almost every hour, and that is not an easy thing when your parking lot is bigger than a football field.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

clevergirl said...

Back when I worked minimum wage jobs (wasn't salaried) I would take "non-smoker's breaks" whenever the smokers would. Nobody ever argued with me, and even if they had, I would totally have won that argument!

SMILF said...

I won't smack your hand Fritz since you tell me you aren't one of the Sodoku playing lazy asses who break every hour on the hour for their "addiction". HA!

Maybe I should just start going with them on their breaks. My addictions are JUST as important.

BOTB said...

SMILF you already know about my dirty smoking habit, but you will be happy to know that I have never taken a break for a butt.

Now can we discuss your addictions for a moment. I do believe 3/4's of your day is break time and you spend quite a bit of time reading Perez, TMZ and People online. Hey pot it's kettle ... :P

Sizzle said...

I never actually thought about it that way but you're right. I wonder if cigarette smokers are less productive or more productive than non smokers? I think someone should do a study! (It won't be me because I don't like statistics or doing research.) ;)

SMILF said...

BOTB - I prefer to think I spend about 1/2 my time doing that meaningless shit. But thanks for pointing that out.

Sizzle - I'm with you, no research for me. Would be interesting to see though. I know that their Sodoku skills are much better than mine for damn sure.

SAHW said...! AMEN SISTER! Everytime my coworker(s) would tell me that they were going out for a smoke break, I would always retort that when they got back, I need a "fresh air" break. What's with the rolling eyes? I don't get it. bitches.

Ritch in Love said...

I agree with you completely. I am a flight attendant and at the end of every flight we are responsible for cleaning the plane. I hate it when Im assigned to a crew that smokes, especially when both of the other flight attendants smoke. Why? Because either one or the other or BOTH step off the aircraft to go smoke down on the ramp and I'm left to clean the entire plane by myself. And because I hate causing rifts with my crew members I just say, "Ok!w Don't worry about it." when, inside I'm thinking..."what the hell?! I don't get paid to do this on the ground, it's expected of me though....and I sure as hell don't like doing your part too!!!" Ugh.
By the way....may I have your email address so I can invite you to my private blog?

SMILF said...

Ritch - I would be kicking some major crew ass! How annyoing!

I emailed you with my email addy - thanks!

Lacey said...

Oh wow...I agree with you too! Where's my nonsmoker break??

That Chick Over There said...

I do take non-smoker's breaks. Like right now? I should be working. But I'm reading your blog instead.

Take that, SYSTEM!