Friday, June 13, 2008

BOTB: Wildebeasts aka Men

What is it with husbands errr make that guys thinking women like being treated like a dead carcass waiting in the jungle to be taken advantage of? First, I’m not dead. I’m alive, kicking and screaming with maybe a quick stop to breath on the side. Second, when I want some sweet loving I’ll let you know. I am perfectly capable of flexing my very own sexual muscle and no, as much fun as it may be, I’m not talking about working on my Kegels.

My poor husband just can’t seem to get it. If he didn’t paw at me like a lion trying to eat his kill his chances might be just a wee bit better. I tell him this. He doesn’t listen. What is it about guys that makes them dumber than rocks? Scientific-like people say colorblindness is more common in men. Frankly, I’m starting to have my doubts. Could it just be that they’re too dumb to recognize the difference in color? That the problem isn’t just in their eyes and that its the larger problem of them just being men? I think it might.

This is how a typical convo with Stink goes.

Stink - Why won’t you ever fuck me?
Me - Because you treat me like a peace of meat and my vibrator doesn’t.
Stink - I’m sorry I’ll stop

Next Day
I’m sitting on the couch watching TV. Stink waggles over sticks his cock in my face and wiggles it around and starts groping me.

Me - Go away!
Stink - Why won’t you ever fuck me?

repeat previous days convo
Sigh … they never learn

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SMILF said...

Just fuck him already. Geez. Okay wait. I guess I should practice what I preach before giving you advice huh?