Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SMILF: The Silver Lining

I feel it necessary to go ahead and say that a lot of the time being a SMILF isn't so bad. I talk a lot about how stressful things are and how I basically want to lock myself up in a closet never to be found on many occasions, however, it's not always like that. I have had some less than fun days lately as it relates to my SMILF status, but then I have good days and it really does make it all worth it. I'll try to keep the cheese to a minimum here.

Last night the kids came to stay with us for a week. I was stressed all day at the thought. Really? I have to take care of two little people for a whole week? I am not sure I am programmed for this mentally. But, they arrived at our house and it was the best night we have had in a long time. Both kids were in good moods, both went to bed fine (no tears or "I miss mommy"), and then this morning both kids were again in really good moods. I took them to the babysitter and we had a great morning. Sydney and I talked the whole way there about random funny things and Tyler was being his usual goofy self. It's almost like the buildup to the thought of having little people for a week was worse than when it actually started.

So I have to say - being a SMILF is not always as one might think it is. I don't think anyone knows how it is until you walk in these shoes. You can act like you love it all you want, but honestly, most people I think do not love it 100% of the time. But the good days like I just had keep me going and make it worth it. Days like these save me from my drunkorexic thoughts that might have taken over even just a few days ago. Thank goodness for good days. Swimsuit season is here - I can't have tons of extra calories. Thank you kids. You didn't even know that you contribute to my status as a SMILF, but you do.

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