Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SMILF: String Cheese and Pinwheels...and My Workday

I was reading BOTB’s post about her friends who hate their jobs. Surely she wasn’t speaking of me. Okay, so I know that I was one of the first people that she thought of when she wrote that. It’s not that I hate THIS job per se, I just hate any job. Probably because I still don’t know what I want to do when I “grow up”. Actually, I take that back. I know what I want to do. I want to sleep in, get up and read trashy chick lit novels all day, and play online. Can someone pay me to do all of this please?

But, you know what? I’m in a good mood today so instead of focusing on the fact that I am staring at this dingy gray wall in front of me, I am going to think about the things that make me happy throughout the workday – yes, there are actually some things that make me happy. Such as….

….Being able to add rubber bands to my rubber band ball that is starting to resemble a small cantaloupe. I’m pretty sure I could injure someone with it. (Remember that nasty co-worker)
….Eating my string cheese string by string just to kill time
….Looking at the goofy pictures of my friends and family scattered across my desk
….When I hear “Don’t Stop Believin’” come on the otherwise cheesy music playing station that my boss insists on listening to
….When random dirty old men walk by my picture window and give a dirty old man smile
….When my boss is in meetings for a long amount of time
….When a co-worker sends me a particularly funny article from Perez or TMZ (Nothing like pulling up a picture of some celeb showing her Britney to make your day better)
…..Using my pen that has a big pink pinwheel on the end of it. It doesn’t get much happier than that folks
….When co-worker #1 gets busted sleeping with co-worker #2 and a companywide gossip fest occurs
…..Getting a sweet email from hubby
….When a co-worker brings in doughnuts unexpectedly and I know that I shouldn’t eat one but I do anyway. They make my teeth hurt but I do it anyway –why? Because it’s fun.
….When I look at the clock and realize that it’s much later than I thought it was

See? Get some string cheese and a pinwheel pencil and maybe your days won’t be so bad either. That is what I plan on continuing to tell myself anyway.

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